> How much does it cost to sell on GoldCountryMarket.com?

Nothing upfront and no monthly fees.  There will be a 5% commission fee on each sale so you only pay when your item sells.

> Why sell here when Craigslist is free?

There are many benefits to selling on the Gold Country Marketplace as opposed to Craigslist and below are a few listed:

  • First thing would be the ability to easily list all of your items for sell, categorized in your own personal vendor store. Once you post them once, no work needs to be done until they are sold.
  • Payment and shipping are simplified.  This give you the ability to accept credit card payments, no need for exchanging cash in person. All of your orders are kept organized in your Vendor Dashboard.
  • We offer buy it now, auction, plus the ability to sell virtual/downloadable products. Something else that is not feasible through Craigslist. On top of all that you can also offer bookable products such as tickets to an event.
  • We also have a staff feature. Vendors can add staff members and assign certain permissions for each individual staff member. Do you want one of your employees to be able to post items for sale but not the others? You decide what each one can and can’t do and their vendor dashboard will be personalized for their permissions. If say you don’t allow one staff member to post auction items for sale, they will not see the Auctions tab in their dashboard.

Although we can’t guarantee that all sellers and buyers will conduct business in good faith, in time with honest reviews we can weed out the bad apples and have the safest place to conduct livestock transactions on the internet.

> What are the accepted payment methods?

We use PayPal for our payment gateway, so all major credit cards are accepted. Vendors, in order to receive payments made by customers through PayPal immediately you will need to register for an account with PayPal if you haven’t done so already.

> Are there any limits on how many products I can list?

No! You can post unlimited product listings.

> What type of products can I sell?

Essentially anything that is livestock/agriculture related. Please check out our Approved Products page for a complete list on what can be sold here on GoldCountryMarket.com.

> Is dropshipping allowed?

No. Vendors must have in stock any items that are listed for sale. Anyone found to be using this practice will have their selling privileges revoked.

> How do I post products for sale?

For any questions regarding how to perform a certain function within the vendor dashboard, please see our Documentation page for detailed step by step tutorials on the basic functions of our website.

> Can I chat with a vendor before purchasing?

Absolutely, as long as vendors have their chat option enabled in their Vendor Dashboard settings. Not only can you chat with them via our instant messaging tool, we highly encourage you to do so. Establishing trust in any business relationship, no matter how small, is key. A lot of times people don’t pull the trigger on a purchase not because they don’t want the item but simply because they don’t know/trust who they are purchasing from. Take a few minutes to contact a vendor and build a relationship. It goes a long way when it comes to customer service. Not only will you as a buyer feel better knowing who you sent your money to, vendors will be much more inclined to provide the fastest and best service possible when there is that personal connection. So please, say hello…

> How do I become a “featured” vendor?

In order to become a featured vendor a few requirements must be met. First of all, you must have filled out your vendor profile completely, including address, phone number and I.D. Verification. Connecting every social media profile is not necessary. Secondly, you must have all five star reviews with at least ten transactions. Please get a hold of us via email and let us know when you meet all the requirements to be a featured vendor.

> What is the shipping policy?

Vendors will be able to set their own shipping prices/policies. Please contact the individual vendor if you have any questions about the shipping of a particular item. We recommend that all vendors incorporate their shipping costs into their product price and offer “free” shipping. Sellers please refer to the Vendor tab on the Documentation page for more info on setting up your shipping zones and integrating ShipStation, if you so chose to.

> What about returns… what’s the policy on that?

Every vendor will have the ability to set their own return policy. However, if an item arrives damaged or not as described by the vendor and they are not willing to offer a refund then please fill out the form at the Resolution Center and we will take a look at it. If we feel a return is warranted then we will ask the vendor to accept the return. Although we won’t force any vendor to accept a return, even if they are at fault, we will not hesitate to permanently ban vendors when necessary to keep this platform as safe as possible for members alike.

> Does GoldCountryMarket.com offer any sort of money back guarantee for buyers?

Currently we do not have any plans to implement any such system. We feel that with our rating and feedback systems along with our instant messaging tool there is really not any reason for the buyer to not have a very good idea of the purchase they are about to make. We highly encourage reaching out and contacting the seller before making any purchases to avoid any confusions that may cause the need for returns. All too often people rush into a purchase without reading all the info and then get upset when it arrives and doesn’t meet their expectations. While we will never favor vendors over buyers in disputes or visa versa, we do feel that it is the buyer’s burden to make sure that what they are about to purchase is indeed what they are wanting. So once again, please do say hello with our instant messaging tool. If a vendor does not have their instant messaging tool enabled you may still contact them via a support ticket.

> Can I use GoldCountryMarket.com as a platform to link with local sellers?

We understand that doing business in person is almost always preferred. Just note that we are not responsible for anything that may occur during such encounters and we are not liable for any damages that may be incurred. Obviously we would prefer that all transactions are performed through our site, not just because that is how we make money but because every review left helps this marketplace become a safer place to do business. Reviews can only be left by verified customers.

> Are there any hidden fees?

No. There are absolutely zero hidden fees, and there never will be! The only fees that you will ever encounter on this website are the 5% commission fee on each sale and the third party merchant (PayPal) transactions fees which a) we cannot control and b) provide a great form of security for buyers and vendors alike and therefore even if we could do away with it, we would probably keep it just for the benefits it provides at a relatively inexpensive fee. Transparency is our goal here. We are not trying to get rich, but there are indeed some operating costs to running a multi vendor marketplace that cannot be avoided and for that investment we obviously hope to make a couple dollars in return.

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